Jack R.

Note:There Is No Use Reading This Joke If You have Not Seen The Scariest Movie Ever,Saw 5. "What The Hell? Where Am I?" Said The Victim, "You Are In My Torture Chamber,Here Your Body Will Be Tested,With Burning Lava On The Chest And Your Body Being Split Open,I Wish You Luck" Said Saw,That Freaky Doll Thingy. "Wait Hold On,What Are These Strings Doing In My Arms And Backs Then?" Asked The Victim. "Oh Yes,Sorry,Thats To Make Sure You Don't Escape" Answered Saw,The Freaky Doll Thingy."Did I Mention I Will Cut Off Your Ear?" "No,Now Get On With It Dumbass!" Said The Victim, "Ahhhhhhh! You Cut Off My Ear!" Screamed The Victim, "What? You Seen It Coming,And Besides,Your Brother Did It" Said The Freaky Doll Saw. "What The Hell! Thats Van Gough You Idiot!" Said The Victim. "Oh My God,I Am So Sorry,I Swear Its My Mistake..." Saw Is Interuppted By The Victim, "Oh I'm Sorry,I Can't Hear You,I've Got One Fuckin' Ear!" Replied The Victim. "I Swear I'm Really Sorry,Here I'll Giver You Another Choice To Save Yourself,How About You Watch Your Brother Brian Die!" Said Saw. As The Victim Watches His Brother Brian About To Get Murdered On A Plasma TV,Brian Is Brushing His Teeth,Singing A Song. "I'm Brushing My Teeth,I'm My Teeth Untill There Sqeaky Clean!" A Few Minutes Later,A Man In A Hoody,Apparently There To Kill Brian For Saw.Brian Screams... "So,Do You Want To Die To Save Your Brother Or Let My Man Proceed To Kill Brian?" Asked Saw, "Go Ahead,Brake Every Bone!" Answered The Victim. "What? He's Your Brother!" Shouted Saw,The Freaky Doll. "Dude,Have You Shared A Room With Him? His Beds A Bloody Pile Of His Dildo's!" Said The Victim. "You Are The Most Selfish Man I Have Ever Met,And By Far The Craziest!" Said Saw. "Your Callin' Me Crazy? Your The One Who Trapped Me In This Freakin' Dipshit!" Shouted The Victim. "You Know What I've Had Enough Of This! Meet Your Death!" Screamed Saw Suddenly The Victim's Feet Felt Lava,And It Kept Getting Bigger Untill The Room Was Filled With Lava "Any Last Words?" Asked Saw,The Freaky Doll. "Bitch" Replied The Victim.