Mary P.

Four people were on a plane-- President George Bush, two CIA agents and a college kid. The plane was going to crash and there were only three parachutes left, as the pilot had already taken one. There was much debate as to who would take them, until finally the CIA agents and the kid said, "George Bush, you're our president, go first!" So Bush takes one and jumps out. The CIA agents also take one each and jump out. The kid sits down, head in hands, thinking about how he would die, when suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he spots a parachute! Quickly, he grabs it, jumps out and opens it. 'I wonder how there was another parachute...' he thinks. 'I guess I'll ask the agents and the President when I get down...' He floats safely down, meeting up with the two agents. President Bush is no where to be seen. The college kid asks curiously, "Hey, how was there another parachute on the plane...?" One of the agents sighs, shakes his head and replies, "There was no other parachute. President Bush took your bookbag."