Jack R.

A Couple Got All Ready To Get In The Taxi To Go To The Disco,They Didn't Want Their Dog Inside The House After The Last 3 Times It Pissed On The Couch It Crapped All Over The Walls (If Thats Even Possible) It Was Found Raping A Mouse So The Husband Just Before Getting Into The Taxi Said "I'm Just Gonna Put The Dog In The Back Garden" The Taxi Driver Was Listening To His Ipod,And Didn't Here What The Man Said,The Woman,Imbarresed Of The Dogs Behavior,Didn't Want The Taxi Driver To Know. As Soon As The Taxi Driver Stopped Listening To His Ipod,The Woman Said "My Husbands Just Saying Good-Bye To My Mother" Back With The Man,He Chased The Dog All The Way Upstairs,And Finnaly Got The Dog In The Back Garden.When He Got Back To The Taxi He Said To The Taxi Driver: "Sorry I Took So Long,That Bitch Was Hiding Under The Bed And I Had To Poke Its Eyes To Get It Out,Then I Finnaly Threatened The Bastard Out The House,I Hope That Fucker Doesn't Shit On The Vegetable Garden Again!"