Jack R.

Cops,I Hate Them,Do You? (Some Fake And Some Real) Some Cops Where Taking Advantage Of This Drunk Woman,Touching Her Private Parts,Laughing At The Time,Other People Joined In,It Was In Public. It Was All Edited In By Some Coward,Said The Cops,But It Was All Lies. "So What Do You Have To Defend Yourself,Any Proof?" "No,But I Can Say She Got On Our Desk And Started Shouting,But I Never Touched Her" Once Agin,It Was All Lies.The Cops Started Laughing Again On Another Day When The Same Drunk Woman Came,This Time The Other People Wheren't There,And It Wasn't In Public... Again TV Reporters Spread The Message That They Where Still Taking Advantage Of The Drunk Woman "Once Again,The Same 16 Year Old Drunk Girl Was Being Touched In The Private By The Public Police" The Cops Finnaly Faked Getting Mad And Killed The Drunk Woman,Laughing. "I Admit It" Said The Cop, "I Did Take Advantage And Kill The Young Woman" All The Police Started Crying In Shame. The TV Reporter Said "Well,You Should Be Sad For Not Taking That Moment Seriously,When She Got On The Desk,I Would Of Fucked Her!"