Jack R.

A Fat Buldgy Man Was Told By His Slut Type Wife To Never Eat Chocolate Because Of His Disease,He Would Of Died,And He Did... Heres The Story! One Day The Wife,Jenny,Was Going To The Pub To Be So Slutty,The Husband Didn't Give A Care. Finnaly Then She Got Back,With Blood All Over Her,The Husband (Ben) Asked Why "Its About Time You See,I Finnaly Got In It!" The Husband Was So Shocked He Fainted,The Wife Was In So Much Shame That She Rubbed His "Battery". When He Woke Up He Asked Her Why She Was Doing It,She Said She Felt For Him And "Had" To Do It.She Lied And Said That She Liked It,The Man Was So Pleased That She Cared (But She Didn't") One Day The Woman Was Going To The Pub Again,But The Husband Asked If She Could Stay,And She Did,He Asked Another QestionIf She Would Sleep With Him,But This Time She Denied.Then He Finnaly Asked If She Would Marry Him,This Would Be Their Second Marrage,And She Accepted.The Wifes Family Came Around And Said He Wasn't The Man,And Proove It The Wifes Dad Hang Out A Chocolate Bar,Because The Husband Was So Mad He Called The Police,And He Also Wanted The Chocolate,Totaly Forgetting What His Wife Said About Chocolate,He Jumped Out His WEELCHAIR And Ate The Chocolate Whole,Finnaly The Police Arrived And Saw The Dead Body,The Police Accused Them Of Murder And Then Where Sent To Jail,When The Police Where Gone And Dusted,Along With The Wifes Family,He Jumped Up And Said "Gotcha" He Then Bribed The Wifes Family Out Of Jail And Instantly He Said "You Owe Me Chocolate"