Bac P.

On my flight back from Houston, I was sitting next to a 20, 21 years old Asian girl. She looks beautiful, but what caught me were her soaking wet big eyes. Being much older, I was just trying not to do, or ask anything to make she feels uncomfortable, despite my curiosity. The plane took off, and I noticed she started trembling uncontrollably. I could not resisted anymore but to ask her. -Excuse me, but you are about my oldest niece's age? Why are you crying? Do you want to talk? Sobbing, she quicky glanced at me, and her whole body kept on trembling. A few minutes passed by, as I was getting so uncomfortable because of the hepless thoughts of sitting next to a hurting angel and could not do anything to help her, she started murmuring... - I lost my virginity to my boyfriend of seven years last night... - So why all the cryings, you are old enough for that, aren't you? - yes, still sobbing, and we are planning of getting married by the end of this year after I graduated. - Good for you, congratulation, but why are you so sad? Without an answer, again she bursted into tears. I started to feel so embarrass when a few passengers sitting next to us, started notice the situation. - Please, don't do this, they might think that I did something wrong to you.- Still crying loudly, she said - oh no, it's just the thought of waisting my last 7 years is making me sad. Had I known that it was that good, I could have done it way before I met my boyfriend.