abby c.

There were 3 guys traveling in the desert the first guy broght a Water,the 2nd brought a five dollar foot long from subway,and the 3rd broght a car door.Now 3 hours past ,and god went up to the first guy and asked why did you bring a water?The guy said so we chould drink it.God was very pleased with him and gave him another water.So anther 3 hours went by and god went to the second guy ,and asked the 2nd guy why did you bring a subway 5 dollar foot long?The 2nd guy said so we chould eat it.God was very pleased the the guy and god gave the guy a 2nd subway 5 dollar foot long.Another 3 hours went by ,and god asked the 3rd guy why on earth did you bring a car door?He replied so we chould roll down the windows!!!!!!!!!!!