Zafrullah M.

Ever tried a prank call? Its just so darn fun no matter your age.Here's one of my favourite! Me: "Hello,I'm calling from Billy's Ice Box company.I'm doing a short phone survey and I'd love to ask if your brand and model of your fridge.Could you please help me check and find out sir?" Victim: "No can do,I'm a little busy,I can't help.Sorry" Me:" Well please sir,I'll just take 2 minutes?" Victim:" Well,Alright then,Hold on a minute,I'll go check your stuff" (Fool went off to check,Came back later. Told me the model and brand) Me: "Thank you sir,Well,Is it running? Victim: Yeah of course!" Me: "You sure?" Victim: "Yes,I'm absolutely certain about it." Me: "Alright,I believe you,Well,could you at least tell ,me the amount of lightbulbs in you fridge?" Victim: "About four?" Me: "You certain about it? Could you count it please? One last check?" Victim: "You know,you're starting to annoy me.Hold on." (The idiot that he is,he goes off to check) Victim: "Hello? Eight." Me: "So thank you for checking all the time I ask you to. One last question.Okay,I'm sorry.You do have running shoes right?" Victim: "Errm? Yes?" Me: "So your fridge is running right?" Victim: "Yes! I already told you once! Piss off man!" Me: "Well then you ungrateful angry pig,You better go catch it!" Best laugh I ever had. Try it on someone you don't know and enjoy!