Angela A.

3 guys are in a plane having a bit of fun. 'Let's see who can throw the most dangerous thing out the plane!' says the first guy. He rummages through his luggage and pulls out a sword, he chucks it out the plane and the all have a laugh. 'I can beat that!!' says the second guy. Out of his pocket, he pulls out a gun, chucks it out the plane and they all have a laugh. "Wait 'til ya see what I have to throw!' says the third guy. He pulls out a safe and, to the other twos surprise, pull out a bomb. He chucks it out the window and they all laugh. After a while, they decide to go out of the plane to see where everything landed. They walk for a while and see a little girl, crying. "What's wrong?' asks guy #1 " A sword fell from the sky and cut my arm!" she replied Feeling a little guilty, they move on. Next they see a young boy, crying as well. 'What's wrong?" asks guy #2 "A gun fell from the sky and hit me on the head" he replied. Feeling even guiltier, they move on. Next they see another young boy, not crying, but laughing so hard, he's rolling on the floor. "hey kid, What on earth is so funny?' asks guy #3 " I farted and I blew up that house!'