Zafrullah M.

It was little Johnny's first day in preschool.That day proceeded like any other normal day.During break time,Little Johnny went to the sandpit to play.There,he met another girl,Little Sally.They introduced each other and became friends.At the end of the break,school continued as per normal. When school ended and Little Johnny made his way home,he met his father and since little johnny and his father needed a bath,little jonny's father bathe together with little johnny.During the bath,little johnny got curious and asked about his father's genitals."Daddy,what's that?". His father was shocked at little johnny's curiousity and explained what a dick really was,"Son,that's your car,you must take car of it and take every opportunity to park it in a garage.".Little johnny agreed. Little sally too,went home and had a bath together with her mother.During the bath,little sally pointed to her mother's pussy and asked about it,"Mummy,what's that?". Her mother was appalled by little sally's question but finally decided to teach little sally about the importance of keeping her virginity.So her mother said"Honey,that's your garage.Never,never let a car in it until you're married" Little sally also agreed. Next day,in school.It was break time a gain.The two friends played in the sand pit until one time,little sally dropped her bucket and bended over to pick it up.little johnny say what was under her skirt and took his opportunity of parking his car. School ended and little johnny made his way home to his father.Crying as loud as possible.His white shorts were all stained with blood.Turning it almost fully crimson red.His father were shocked and asked what happened.In between sobs,Little johnny said "I did what you said,I parked my car into a garage,it went right in.But she ripped off my back tires!".

rating: R