Samuel A.

An Italian moves to America for the very first time. When he has finally arrived, he decides to go to a diner. He order two pieces of toast, and a waitress hands him his plate. But there is only one piece on the plate. The Italian, quite angry, says, "No, I want too piss." The waitress, not skipping a beat, replies, "The bathrooms are in the back." The Italian, even more mad now, says, "No. I want too piss on my plate." The woman, now quite discusted, says to him, "Get out of here you crazy son of a bitch!" So the Italian decides to take his buissnes elswhere. He comes upon a resturant, where he orders a meal, but the waitress does not give him a fork. The Italian, quite mad again, says to her, "May I have a fuack?" The woman says, "Sorry, I`m taken." Now the Italian says, "No, may I have a fuack on the table?" The woman, fuming by now, screams, "Get out of here you crazy son of a bitch!" The Italian once again leavs, and decides to rent a hotel for the night. When he gets his in his room, there are no bed sheets. He sees an employee and says, "I need some shits." The woman says "The bathroom is in your room." The Italian says, "no, I need some shits on my bed." The woman says, "Get out of here you crazy son of a bitch!" So, when leaving the hotel, the man behind the desk asks, "Why are leaving so soon?" The Italian, no longer wanting to take any more crap, says, "Fuck you, you crazy son of a bitch! I` m going back to Italy!"