Paul Z.

A lady who owns a parrot wants to teach him how to speak, so she sends him off to find three new sentences and come back and tell her the three sentences at the end of the day. So the parrot goes out in the city and sees a boy say to a girl ''You're crazy!'' and so he thinks that's his first sentence. He keeps flying around town and sees a race car driver yell ''100 mph!''. He thinks this is his second sentence. He then sees a little kid drop his icecream cone saying ''Awww, all smushed up!'' It is now the end of the day. He returns to see his owner and she asks him what sentences he had learned that day. He said ''You're crazy!''. She is so angered by this that she grabs the parrot by his neck and throws him across the room. He says ''100 mph!''. He squashes against the wall and falls to the ground. He then says ''Awww, all smushed up!''.

funniness: 5.10

rating: PG