Tammy C.

One day a black man and white man went out on a liesurely drive,when there car broke down in the middle of nowhere,the closest place was an old farmhouse.They walked up to the farmhouse and knocked on the door.An old man answered and said "What can i help you with?"And the white man said "Our car broke down,and we can't get it towed til tomorrow,may we sleep in your barn?"The old man said"yes but only on one condition,my daughter milks the cows at 5:00am,and you can't mess with her."The men say ok and go to sleep in the barn.Well,the next morning the daughter goes out to milk the cows and of course the two men mess with her.They go to leave to get they're car,when the old man says"You cant leave,I told you,if you mess with my daughter,you will suffer the consequenses."So the two men say "ok what do we have to do?"The farmer says "Go out to the garden and pick 100 of your most favorite fruits."The white man comes back with 100 grapes.The farmer says ,"now shove them all up your butt without them falling out."So the white man get 50 up his butt,starts laughing and they all fall out,he gets 75 up his butt and they all fall out.He finally gets all 100 up his but,hes turning blue when the farmer says"ok now what are you laughing at?"The white man says"that damn black man's out ther picking watermelons!!!."