Russell I.

i got this one from my cousin too. a new recruit just joined the LAPD. the first day on the job, he naturally didnt have anything to do. all of a sudden the scanner goes off. an accedent. the man (who is partially mentaly retarted) gets excited. the chief tells him to take notes. so thats what the man did. when the LAPD officers arived, they immediatly noticed the car, the body and the severed head. first tthe man walks to the car and writes "kar inn ditkch." the man then walks to the headless body and writes "boddie inn ditkch." next comes the head which was on the pavement so he writes "heade onn uhhhhh hmmmmm ........... then the man gives the head a swift kick and the head goes flying into the ditch. "heade inn ditkch."