Russell I.

i got this one from my cousin. a man was walking his pet duck down the street one day and saw a hooker. so he walks up to the hooker and says "will you fuck me for my duck?" the hooker agrees. the next day that same man was walking down that same street and saw that same hooker with his duck. the man felt terrible about trading his duck. so the man aproaches the hooker again and says "i will fuck you for my duck back." the hooker agreed. on his way home with duck, he came to an intersection. he looked left, then right, then left again and crossed the road. out of nowere, a speeding truck slams the duck and kills it. the truck drivers gets out and feels so terrible about killing this mans duck that he offers him 25 bucks for it all together he gets a fuck for a duck, a duck for a fuck, 25 bucks for a fucked up duck!