Selena M.

A man leaves his wife with a friend over the weekend to spend at his desperate cousin's house, who had just broke up with her perverted boyfriend. The man, Joe, is with his cousin Angie, who broke up with Steve, who is now dating the prostitute Lara who used to be married to Chuck who happens to be a male model and spending the weekend with Joe's wife Sarah. Steve, who misses Angie, has already asked to take her back, and after a rousing night, they were back together. But Lara felt left out and slept with Joe, who came back to Sarah who just could not help herself and slept with Chuck. Chuck, seeing Lara was alone, remarried her and had two kids. After a year, everyone met up again and came clean. They all forgave eachother and went about their lives. Happily ever after. Now, here's the bad part: STEVE HAS AIDS Shit shit shit shit shit.