Levi H.

lost his virginity before his dad eats steak for every meal and forgets to kill the cow won a staring contest against Ray Charles' hits one bowling pin and the rest fall over in fear beats Ozzy Osbourne. He bites the heads off of Siberian Tigers and not bats can climb a rope with one hand and one hand only can blow bubbles with beef jerky can take off faster than a B-12 Bomber jumped off the empire state building and only sprained his ankle once made toilet paper but there was a problem, it wouldnt take shit from anyone wrote an autobiography, it was just a list of everyone he killed killed the Kebler Elf's wife and kids is capable of photosynthesis invented the apple won a game of russian roulette against himself invented the bolt-action rifle,football, sexual intercourse, and liquor knows if you threw a punch at him your entire arm would shatter on impact knows everything except for the definition of mercy doesn't stub his toes. he accidentally destroys tables, bed-frames and desks can win a fight between Batman and Wolverine had sex with 1,934,893,391 women. Only 4 survived. Obamaed your momma. thats why she still walks with a limp. is who killed Mr. Rogers found Osama Binladen; after he roundhouse kicked him in Kansas, through the planet and stopped just short of the surface on the other side