Fun N.

Once there were 3 planes. On one plane, there was an German man. On the other plane, there was a French man. On the last plane, there was an American man. The German man threw down a knife from his plane and he landed and got out. He saw a little boy crying, and he asked the boy," Little boy, why are you crying?" "Because a knife fell out of the sky and killed my mom. So the German man walked away. The French man shot a bullet from his plane. Then he landed his plane and saw a little girl crying. He said to her," Little girl, why are you crying?" "Because someone shot my dad." So the French man walked away. So the American man threw a bomb from his plane, then landed his plane. He saw a little boy laughing. "Little boy, why are you laughing?" The boy said," Because my mom farted and it blew up our house!!"