konner m.

There once was a cowboy named Lone Ranger with his trusted indian freind. "I'll be right back I got to take a leak" As he went to go behind a catus a rattle snake bites him right on the end of his penis." HE falls to the ground crying with pain. HE crys out a huge "OOOOOOWWWWWW!!!" The indian comes rushing over. "Whats wrong!? Whats wrong!?" Holding his penis he says, " A snake, A snake he bit me on the weenie!" "What should I do?" " I dont know go into towna ask a doctor and please hurry." The indian runs as fast as she could and runs into town and finds a doctor. "DOCTOR! DOCTOR! MY freind got bite by a snake please hurry he doesn' have much time!" " I can't help right now I'm delivering a baby, but i do know what to do. You have to suck the poison out of the wound." The indian came back to lone ranger. LOne RAnger said, " WHat did the doctor say?!?!" "Your going to die."

funniness: 4.78

rating: PG-13