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Bob and Mary went to Sunday School. Mary constantly fell asleep in class, and Bob always woke her up by poking a pencil into her. So the nun asked the first question. "Who is our savior?" Mary was still sleeping so Bob poked her hard with a pencil. Mary woke up with a start, and being pissed off, she said, JESUS CHRIST. the nun nodded. After that, MAry went back to sleep. the nun asked her another question. "Who is Jesus' father?" Bob pokes her again, and Mary getting more pissed off jumps up and says GOD ALMIGHTY. After that, MARY WENT BACK TO SLEEP AGAIN!!! and the nun asked her. "What did Eve say to adam when they had their 20th child?" Bob poked mary again, and on the brink of anger, mary yells POKE THAT THING IN ME ONE MORE TIME AND ILL BREAK IT! the nun fainted.