L L.

A fat guy saw an advertisment saying fast weight loss guarunteed, fun at the sametime. So he called the number and asked if he could try it. Lady: "Alright sir, which kind would you like, Small, Medium or Large?" The fat guy decided to start with small, so he said small. 10mins later, a babe turn up at his door step and said: "If you can catch me, I'm all yours." So after a 15mins run, the fat guy caughter the babe and had a grea ttime with her. Thinking how great this is, he called again and ordered a Medium. This time a sexiest babe he ever seen in his life showed up and said the same thing. But she ran faster and took him 30mins to catch her. He had a greater time this time. End of the day, he checked his weight and realised he loss 10pounds. Excited he decided to rest for hte day and order a large tomorrow. The next day, when he ordered a large, the lady said: "sir, are you REALLY sure you want a large?" He respond yes eagerly and waited for his order. When the doorbell rang, he went to open it, there was a HUGE female gorilla at the doorstep. It sopke in a low rough voice: "If I catch YOU, your mine."