bianca d.

This little boys parents were having a party so to get ready the little boy took out the trash. While he was outside he heard the next door neighbor say bitches and bastards, so he goes inside and asks his mom whats bitches and bastards and she sais its a way to say boys and girls. Then the little boy goes upstairs to do his homework and hears the other next door neighbor call the dog an ass, so he goes downstairs and asks his mom why the neighbor called the dog an ass and his mom sais its the type of dog he is. The little boy had to go to the bathroom to take a dump and so he walks in and sees his dad shaving and his dad knicks himself and sais shit so he asks his dad what is shit and his dad sais its a type of shaving cream. Then the little boy goes into the kitchen to see his mom stuffing a turkey and she cuts herself and sais fuck so the little boy asks his mom what is fuck and she sais its a way to prepare turkey. Then the door bell rings so the little boy answers it and sais, "Hey, bitches and bastards the dog is an ass daddys wiping shit off his face while mommy's fucking the turkey.