Destiny Ann d.

So a man walks into wall*mart and gets all sorts of food and meat .When he gets to the camping section he realises he need to take a dump really bad. He leaves his cart full of food and crap and goes to the restroom.Well he comes back 30 min later to see his cart right where he left it so he checks out and heads home.He pulls into the drive and takes every thing inside.His wife soon to be ex is siting there with a major WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU look on her face.So she makes dinner and later she felt horrible so she went to bed.The next morning she went to the hospital and they said "ma'am you have a type of food poisoning caused by spoiled meat and feces'". They take the left over food to the hospital to be checked and they were right on the money.Meanwhile the husband is calling the insurance company laughing his ass off.The insurance guys asked if they were still being divorced.He replied "Hell no i'll let the cart sit for 1hr and crap on it so then i get paided for divorce!".They laughed and agreed.One moth later he did just that only he ate the food and not her so he killed himself.Well the wife was happy. morale of the story: You never get away with muder Please comment and rate nice comments and no spam thanks! (i can't spell worth a schitt)

funniness: 1.44