L L.

Teacher: Larry, why are you later for school? Larry: Well, I was dreaming about a football game, and it went into extra time- so i had to see the finish. ---------------------------------------------------- Tony: I'm no longer the quarterback on our team. Bony: What happened? Tony: It's all my mother's fault. She made me promise not to pass anything until somebody said, "Please." ---------------------------------------------------- Dad was delighted to learn that his son had broken the school long-jump record. Dad: How did you do it, Son?" Son: To tell the truth, truth, Dad I enter dicus. But as I got ready to throw, I backed into a javelin." --------------------------------------------- Duffy: When I was a sparring partner for the heavyweight champion, I gave him the biggest scare of his life. Tom: You gave the champion a big scare? Duffy: Yes- he thought he killed me --------------------------------------------

funniness: 4.44

rating: PG