Christian H.

Why christmas is no fun for parents- 10. You have to pay for everything, just so that bastard santa can take all the glory. 9. You have to pay your kids to buy you presents, which usually suck. 8. Its just another excuse for childern and cookies to mix- never good. 7. Wrapping paper makes an awful mess. 6. The scale tops out after Christmas dinner. 5. If you purchase legos, or toys with small parts, walking barefoot in the house is dangerous for at least a month. 4. If you don't exceed a child's expectations- "This gift Sucks" 3. Clothes, though practical, make children frown. 2. Children who don't understand that Nog is a 'grown-up drink' throw up everywhere. And the number one reason christmas sucks for parents... It comes every year.

funniness: 5.24

rating: PG