nikki s.

Obama dies and goes to the pearly gates where he meets St Peter. When he walks up St Peter asks him. "I just have two questions for you. First Have you committed any sins and second Who are you?" "Well of course I've committed sins, hasn't everyone?" "Fair enough, then the second question. Who are you?" "Well, I am Barack Obama" "Ok let me see" and St Peter begins looking through a list, after a minute he says "Well, I don't see you on this list. What did you do on earth" and Obama proudly replies "I was the president" "Oh I see" and St Peter starts looking through a different list after another minute he says "that's funny I don't see you on this list either. How long were you president?" Obama looks down at his watch and says "Oh, about fifteen minutes"

funniness: 4.67

rating: PG