Stef P.

A man walks into a Bar and sees a plaque on the wall behind the bar. He asks the barman what the plaque is for, to which the barman replies "Our Pub Challenge, You Interested?" The Man Thinks about it and ask the barman what he has to do. The barman says ?There is a van outside that hasn?t been cleaned for ages. You have to make it spotless, Then there is our pub mascot and also our pet dog who has a bad tooth. Who have to remove his tooth and finally there is an 80 year old lady upstairs who has never had an orgasm, you have to give her one. So are you up for it?? Not one to back down from a challenge the man accepts. Everyone gathers round for the challenge as the Barman blows the whistles and the man sets off out the back scrubbing the van till its spotless then he rushes back inside and shouts ?wheres the dog?? everyone points to the back of the bar outside so the man runs out and all you here is screams from the man and howling from the dog before finally the man runs back into the bar with blood all over his shirt and trousers ands asks ?so wheres the old lady with the bad tooth??