Ghadah K.

A man gets a call from his doctor. Man: Hello,,who is this? Doctor: Hey its me i have results for your tests Man: So how are they? Doctor: Im sorry but im afraid i have some good news and some bad news about them Man: Whats the good news? Doctor: You have 48 hours to live Man: Oh noo!! then the bad news have to be worse!! what are the bad news? Doctor: i forgot to call you could have had 3 days to say goodbye to everyone but look on the bright have 2 whole days! Man: What can i do to live more than that!!?? Doctor: Im afraid not even with surgery thats possible Man: Why? The Doctor spent an entire day trying to explain for him. Doctor: look at the time Man: What?? How? i only have a day left!! good bye doctor!! Doctor: Goodbye. Ill see you in heaven..... The next day...the man wakes up! He calls his doctor again Doctor: Hello,,,who is this? Man: hey doc its me Doctor: oh hi u finished saying good bye to everyone yet? Man: how come in still al..... THE MAN DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brings a tear...doesnt it??

funniness: 1.00