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In General Classes: 1-Raise your hand to answer a question and when the teacher calls on you say, "I love you" and when they ask what you said go into detail about the actual answer 2-Speak in song lyrics and titles 3-While on the computer, unplug your mouse and keypord. Tell the teacher that your computer is frozen. See how long it takes them to work it out. 4-Respond to everything with THATS WHAT SHE SAID! 5-Ask a teacher for a pencil or a pen. When you're asked to give the teacher an item as collateral, give them a pen or pencil. 6-Throw confetti in the air when you enter your favorite class. Throw confetti at your least favorite teacher when they get close. 7-When attendance is called, answer using animal noises. Use a different animal noise each day 8-Ask a question. When the teacher responds, ask "Is that your final answer?" 9-When the teacher scratches their head, lean over to the person next to you and say, "It's a wig! I swear! Try to knock it off thier head!" 10-Ask questions about something the teacher talked about 5 minutes ago. CHALLENGE! Get many people to do this, until the period is over. Ask questions that have nothing to do with the subject. 11-Bring a ping pong ball to class where you sit next to a friend. Throw it to your friend and say "PING!" and have your friend throw it back saying, "PONG!" If you can do it fast enough before the teacher sees, stop there and act like nothing happened. 12-Throw a surprise party for your teacher before class starts. When the bell rings say, "Wait a little longer to start class. The strippers are coming." 13-Leave random sticky notes around the classroom that say "Tuesday's the day." or anything mysterious. 14-Before you give an oral presentation, spill a bit of water on your pants. When you stand up and people start laughing, act confused. 15-When you have access to a computer use the voice commands to answer questions and talk to people 16-Move the desks into a circle and start practicing ti-chi or yoga in the middle of it 17-Bring a Bubble Blower to class 18-Raise your hand to answer EVERY QUESTION, but when the teacher calls on you, just say "Never mind" WARNING! That one might even raise your participation grade, as some teachers see who raises their hand more than others! 19-If the teacher tells you to do a problem on the board that you don't know the answer to, squirm in your seat and declare you have super glued there 20-In any room where there are a lotof things, too many to keep track of, remove one from the classroom each day. Get everyone else to pretend there is nothing wrong when the teacher starts to feel like he/she is going crazy. 21-If you have a class with a particuarly "large" teacher, attach a doughnut to an invisible string and lay it on the ground in the class. Pull it when the teacher reaches for it. 22-Throw open markers at people presenting projects 23-When the P.A. goes off, shout, 'NO! It's those voices again. NOOOOOO!!!!" 24-Sleep in class and when your teacher gets all pissy convince them that you couldnt get any sleep because your parents were having rough sex last night. 25-Find out your teacher's cell numbers and call them during the middle of class. 26-Answer a question wrong and then act all excited like you answered something no one else could. 27-Draw on your desk a circle that says, "Make teacher disappear." Keep slamming your finger on the "button" till you get noticed and when the teacher approaches try to act horrified and say, "Disappear! Disappear!" and when the teacher comes near you she will find the circle. CHALLENGE: After she goes away, do it again. DOUBLE CHALLENGE: Draw the circle on the door) 28-Chew a gum in class and when the teacher sees you, swear that you have nothing in your mouth and start crying, 'You dont beleive me!!!!!'' 29-When studying a war, come in dressed as one of the soldiers and pretend your teacher is the enemy 30-Bring a TV remote controller to class. After the teacher starts talking, hold it out and yell, "Channel Change!" Once you have the teacher's attention, yell, "VOLUME DOWN! VOLUME DOWN!! MUTE MUTE MUTE!!!!" Once the teacher approaches you about it, yell, "POWER... OFF!!!!" CHALLENGE! Replace the batteries in the remote and try again! 31-Sing the answer to every question. In Math Class: 1-when ever the teacher asked you to write the question down write it in words like - 1+1=2 one plus one equals two 2-When asked to find X, put a big circle around X and in big letters write "HERE IT IS!!!!" 3-Write a proof explaining why and how its the most boring class you have ever taken 4-Ask to be excused from class beacuse your brain hurts. If the teacher says no, ask again in a few minutes. In History Class: 1-Ask who invented underwear and why. 2-When studing Greece or Rome, after learning any fact, say, "Well in 300/Gladiator they did THIS..." 3-Pull out your calculator. Insist that you need it. 4-Refer to Julius Caeser with any other sald a dressing. (Ranch, Thousand Island). Never use the same dressing twice! In Gym Class: When you get near the teacher, fall on the ground and declare that you are having a heart attack and cry. Demand to call your mother with your crying sound. In The Lunch Time: Get numerous packets of ketchup. Leave them on your least favorite teacher's desk every day. Friends?s ways : Dont listen in class and when your teacher asks you a question say, " The voices had more important things to say" Bring your "imaginary friend" to class with you, introduce them to your teacher when you enter the class, and if you are called on ask if the question was directed at you or your friend. Ask they teacher : "If you know the answer, why do u ask us?!" Go to sleep as late as possible. Sleep in class, and SNORE! ask the teacher a question and even if the answer correctly say, "im sorry thats not the answer we were looking for... the correct answer is fish sticks.." then. after you say that you run around the room like an airplane through paper balls on ur teacher and try 2 get in her/his mouth while they r talking its soo funny and ofcourse act as if nothing happened make them refer to you as jesus for a week...every time they say "JESUS CHRIST" say I forgive u......and everytime they ask you a question tell them "why is there a need for math when I can smite u" Some More ways... 1. Change your name ALL OF IT call yourself ROBERTO GONZALEZ and pretend your from Cuba and speak in either British,Italian or Cuban accent and pretend that you don't know English. 2. If your having a test and everyone is like busy doing it and there is no single sound in the room u shout in Italian "BASTERDO!!" as hard as you can and then continue the test as usual. CHALLENGE leave the class after you say it. 3. If your having a test too STAND UP walk out of class and if the teacher asks you where are you going you say "Jack is calling me to the underworld and I need to go before Aliens come" (not that funny btw) 4. Get toilet paper get 3 or 4 and when the teacher turns her/his head you throw it all around class everyone throws it someone until the whole class is full of toilet paper and when the teacher turns her head everyone starts writing as if nothing happend. 5. Get a water bottle fill it up with water and make 2 or 3 holes on the top and when the teacher turns her head starts spraying water. ANOTHER IDEA: MAKE A WATER FIGHT! 6. Put water all over the teachers desk BEFORE he/she comes to class put as much water as u can and if your lucky she might be stupid and put the hw/test papers on them by accident. (NOTE:WOULD BE BETTER IF THE DESK IS BLUE OR WHITE SO SHE WONT SEE) Also wont work unless u distract her like run with your 2 other friends and kick chairs out of the doors so she can immediatly put her BOOKS/PAPERS/BAG/ETC and then follow you NOW THATS QUALITY! 7. Also get a permanent marker write on the board "They are coming".."People will die"..etc..BUT REMEMBER IT HAS TO BE PERMANENT MARKER so the teacher can get pissed off and call the janitor. EXTRA: YOU MIGHT LOSE 15 or 20 MINUTES FROM CLASS!xD..(NOTE: You have to be good at this or the teacher might make YOU get water and flash to erase it) 8. If your good enough and experienced at these stuff TAKE half the chairs form your class and put them wherever you want or can. For example if you had 20 students in your class with the teacher 21 take 11 chairs and put them in another class. EXTRA; You will lose about half an hour from class. Even More... Be late to class come like after 5 or 10 minutes and then when the teacher closes the class's door you start running and then OPEN and push the door as hard as you can and as if your gonna fall and say to the teacher "THEY ARE FOLLOWING ME THEY ARE ALL OVER THE SCHOOL I NEED A PLACE TO HIDE" when the teacher says nobody would go out of his place go with cold nerve and throw a piece of paper in the bin then come back as nothing had happened when your teacher is using a laser pointer, scream USE THE FORCE! Bring marshmallows, graham crackers and some chocolate to Chem. class and use the Bunsen burner to make yourself some smores. Explain to your teacher, "This class would be so much more interesting if you were from this planet... Memorize your teacher's outfit and wear the exact same thing the next day. Ask, "Don't you think it's kinda inconvienient that we only read books that you've already read?" Wear a prom dress to gym class. Answer all the questions with Stinky, your homemade sock puppet. Ask your teacher what he really wanted to do with his life. Tell your teacher you can't take notes because your nails are still drying. Clear your throat every time your teacher says, "um."

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