Ryan S.

A robber breaks into the house of a family just after they left to go to church one evening. He is rummaging through the upstairs rooms when he hears a voice saying,"Jesus is watching you!" He is puzzled, and thinks maybe the family has come home. He sneaks downstairs and, seeing nobody, starts pulling through the silver cabinet. Again, right behind him , he hears, "Jesus is watching you!" He freezes, and slowly turns around with his arms up. But there is nobody there. Puzzled, he turns his flashlight on and shines it in the direction of the voice. He sees a big birdcage. Inside it sits a big yellow parrot. "Bwaak...Jesus is watching you!" the parrot calls. The robber laughs and says, "Oh, I suppose your name is Jesus, huh little birdie?" "Bwak...no."says the bird "My name is Moses." "Moses!?!" says the robber. "What kind of sick people name their bird Moses?" "Bwak....the same sick people that named their pit bull 'Jesus'".