zach m.

There was a man and a woman who were neighbours. The man owned a dog and the woman owned a rabbit, which she kept in a cage in her backyard. Every once in a while, the dog would jump over the gate and would get into the womans yard. One day, while the woman was gone, the dog got into her yard. When he got back to his owner, the man discovered that he had the womans rabbit in his mouth. He was nervous when he saw it dead and was afraid of what the woman would do, so he went into her yard and put it into its cage, thinking that the woman would think that it died there. He went back to his house and waited for her to get back. About an hour later, he heard a scream coming from the womans house. He went over to her house to see what she would do. When he asked her what happened she said, "My rabbit died this morning and I buried it in my garden this before i left! But when i came back, he was here in his cage!"