Amer A.

ATTENTION- this joke should be taken like a joke. This text is not ment to be offending to anyone. Leave seriousness at the door. No racism is intended. Thanks. Once in a land full of gay stuff like rainbows and pots of gold, there was this "magic" gun carrying these "magic" bullets. According to the prophecy, One human who makes the gun laugh with the gun pointed directly at their chest or ass was allowed to take the gun and sell it to terrorists for a heavy profit. If they failed, they were doomed to spend the rest of your life with a bullet shoved up their ass. One day, three weirdos showed up at the gun. One was a Palestinian Terrorist, one was a South Korean Businessman, and the last was a brunette who dropped out of college (no it's not Kim K.). The terrorist spoke to the gun: You give me gun now. I bomb you if you do not. ... ... ... Alahu Akbar!!! *BOOM* (Yes, the gun was still there). Next was the business man. "Buy from me sum-ting. Don't woo-ry. I wool not cheat on you. Wot you wont? Shrimp Sushi? Wii? Butter Fried Tampura? Condoms? *Chek-Che Bang!* Oh man, Uncle Sookhanmanhahahshamonehoohooohohohohohogoynakamura won't be happy. Next was the brunette. Ready to speak, she aimed the gun at her chest, like so... in case your wondering, yes, the gun laughed so hard it gave in.

funniness: 3.21

rating: PG