Danielle G.

one day a son and his dad was walking out of the supermarket and walked to the car. the dad realised there was a ticket on his car "BASTARD" He shouted "Daddy what does that mean?" Asked the little boy "Oh it's another word for a policeman" he replied As they got home dad slipped on the doormat "OH SHIT" He shouted "Daddy what does that mean?" "It's another word for the doormat" "Oh" the son replied "Right i'm gonna have a shave okay? If anybody's at the door answer it." The dad said "Okay daddy" a few minutes later the son hears "fuck!!!" "Daddy what does that mean?" "It mean shave" "Oh okay" about two minutes later there's a policeman at the door. KNOCK,KNOCK, KNOCK! The little boy answers the door. "Oh hello bastard wipe your feet on the shit my dads upstairs having a fuck!"