Jordan C.

This is a response on how to solve 'The Other Dollar'. Read this before reading the rest of this. THIS WILL NOT MAKE SENSE UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THIS!!! Let us start from the beginning. There are three guys, let us assume each of them has exactly ten dollars each for ease of explanation. They go to rent the 30 dollar hotel room, leaving all of them with no money and 30 dollars put into the room. The desk man realizes that the room costs 25 dollars, not 30, so he takes five dollars out of the 30 put into the room, leaving 25 put into the room and 5 in the hands of the desk man. He gives the money to bell hop to give to the men. Instead, Bell hop gives each man one dollar and keeps two for himself. That means each guy has one dollar. That leaves 25 dollars put into the room, one in the pocket of each of the tree guys, which is three dollars, and two in the pocket of the bell hop. 25 + 3 + 2 = 30 dollars, therefore no dollar is missing.