Shauna S.

You're at a mall, and you go up to the food court on the second floor. You see a blonde staring at the celing with her mouth wide open, and by the way, she was drooling. After a couple of minutes you ask what she is doing. Then you notice the WARNING: BLONDE THINKING sign. So.. you sit down, have some lunch, and end up spending the night at the mall in the food court with the blonde. Finally, at lunch time the next day, the blonde moved then screamed, "I HAVE THE BEST IDEA EVER TO GET ANOTHER IDEA!!!!!!" Everybody in the mall stared. Suddenly, the blonde jumped over the glass seperating the first floor from the second floor with a big space of air in the middle. She landed in the Ladies Undergarments Department. She stood up with a bra on her butt and a thong on her head. She stared for a minute, then ran into a wall (and made a huge hole) by the entrance. The next day, the blonde had a gallon of beer and a gallon of wine. Then she went over to the hole,pulled her pants down, and sat in the hole. The next day, everybody was wondering why a big spot on the wall was brown, and why there was a blonde on the ground with no pants.