bry n.

a farmer bought a new cockral to replace the old othat was now worn out. it went up to the old cockral and said "scram, all these hens are mine now!", the old cockal replied "well can't i just have one old hen, like that one over there, to keep me busy - after all there of no interest to you". "no, there all my hens" said the new cockral. so the old one walked off, a little while later he came back and said "tell you what, lets have a race ruond the farm house, whoever wins gets all the hens and the other has to leave, ok?" so the young cockral says "ok, and so you can't say it was unfair, you get a 10 second head start." so they went to the farm house and started the race. as they get to the front of the farm house, where the farmer is sitting on the porch, the old cockral is running out of breath and new cockral is catching up, so the old cockral speeds up, flapping his wings and squawking at the top of his voice. the farmer picks up his gun and shoots the new cockral and mutter "damn, thats the third gay chicken i've bought this week!"

rating: PG-13