Joey J.

1. If the employee is someone sellin stuff behind a counter this one is perfect, a little long mind you but well worth the final results. First ask the employee if you can buy 3 chocolate monkeys, when they reply "three chocolate what" tell them again, when they don't understand go get their manager and tell him this employee will refuse to sell you snickers bars, the manager will ask the employee what the problem is, and the employee will say "He asked for three chocolate monkeys." At that point you say "what the hell is a chocolate monkey I just want a snickers bar." At which point the new employee will feel stupid, look crazy, and likely take hell from the manager. 2. Tell a new employee in a clean up position that some kid just lost his lunch in the back. 3. Rearranga candies and stuff into weird positions upside down on its side, put the twix in skittles, just go crazy, but try not to get caught (if its a new employee they're prolly a lot less likely to catch you) 4.( come with a friend a reliable one hopefully) At sonic, order 6 cherry limeades then when they bring you the cherry limeades, tell them that you weren't the one that ordered them but you think that your friend, in the car next to you might have, if they insist, just keep denying it (if they're new they won't likely argue) When they approach your friend have him tell them that he ordered 1 strawberry limeade (have him have actually ordered 1 strawberry limeade just to really confuse em)

rating: PG