seth z.

My brother,Isaac, had made the last of the hot dogs. He threw the empty, juice filled hot dog packet jokingly at my sister,Sarah. It hit her and all the juice seemed to be aimed at hitting her. She just happened to be wearing her favorite shirt. Naturally, as every woman will do, she got pissed. Sarah noticed something that we had failed to see. Apparently my mom had made chicken for dinner, we didn't notice because she left it in the oven. Using the knowledge that nobody had noticed the chicken and it wasn't going to be eaten, Sarah grabbed a perfectly good seasoned chicken breast and threw it right at Isaacs chest. She missed but just barely. He jumped back in surprise, because honestly, who can anticipate food being thrown at them? While he jumped back, she decided that a miss wasn't good enough. She rushed him with all the ferocity of a jaguar. Chicken in hand and an evil smile on her face. Once she got close enough, she smeared the chicken all over his chest. The cats were never happier. Even with three showers, and enough axe to kill mosquitos a thousand miles away, the smell of that chicken didn't go away. It was called the chicken incident, Sarah's revenge, and just simply Sarah. and later became a threat. "I'll pull a Sarah on you!!" So if you ever want to threaten someone, threaten to pull a Sarah on them, and when they ask what it is... simply show them using whatever food is close at hand.

funniness: 3.00