Joan H.

I heard this one from one of my friends.... There is a boy named Tim who's 16th birthday was coming up. His father wanted to get him something that he would really like. So his father asked him what he would like for his birthday. His father was expecting to hear that he wanted a car or something like that. Tim smiled and said, "I would like a bag of pink ping pong balls!" His father being confused thought it was strange, but he bought his son the pink ping pong balls like he asked. When Tim got the pink ping pong balls he was very happy. They go though out the year, Tim's father forgot about the pink ping pong balls till Tim's next special birthday came up. Tim was going to turn 18 some and his father wanted this birthday to be the best now that his son was finally a man. He though that his son would want a stipper or sommething like that, but he wasn't sure. So he goes and asks his son want he wanted for his 18th birthday. Tim smiled and said, "I want two bags of pink ping pong balls!" His father asked his if that is what he really wanted and he said yes. By this time his father was wandering what he was doing with all these pink ping pong balls, but he still got his the pink ping pong balls without asking him. Tim was so happy. Tim was soon turning 21 when he got into a car accident that put him in the hosipal. His father kowning what Tim wanted got him three bags of pink ping pong balls, but by this time he really wanted to know why his son wanted them. So he brings the pink ping pong balls to the hosipal with him and gives them to his son. Tim was very happy with the pink ping pong balls. "Son" His father says, "I really wanted to know something." "Yeah" Time Said. "Why do you want these pink ping pong balls so much!?" Tim smiles "Oh, Why didn't you ask before, I want them because........" All of a sudden Tim flatlines..........................and dies moments later.