Glyn L.

A man walks into a bar and sits at the bar, after 5 minutes the barmen walks over and starts to talk to the man. The man asks for a beer, but the barman has better ideas he sets the man a challenge. `How about instead of you paying for a single beer, I?ll set you some tasks if you complete all the tasks I?ll give you as much beer as you like for free.? The man looks on intrigued. `Hmm. Okay, so what are these tasks?? The barman thinks for a while and comes up with ?interesting? tasks for the man. `Right. You have to do these tasks in any order you wish. Okay, around the back of the bar there is a dog, it?s pretty mad, you got to take it?s teeth.? The man looks bewildered, but thinks of all the beer he?ll get at the end of it all. `Right, there is a butt ugly, fat woman upstairs, you have to fuck her brains out.? The man becoming increasingly worried, but staying resilient says `I don?t know man, seems kinda gross and dangerous. I?ll do it if you I can have unlimited beers any time I come in here.? The barman considers his offer and replys, `Okay only if you do one other task. See that building out there.? The barman says while pointing to a six story building if you get to the roof and jump off you can have all the beer you want anytime you come in here.? The man looks concerned but he thinks, what the hell, injuries will fix themselves. He stands up and proclaims, `I accept your offer, I?ll start on the building, `cause that?s furthest away.? The man walks out the bar holding his head up high, the barman looking on patiently, he watches as the man enters the building. After five minutes the man gets too the roof and stands at the edge. Ten minutes come and go and the barman gets impatient. So he walks out of the bar and yells to the man, `If you don?t jump in the next five minutes the deal is off.? The man suddenly leaps off the building shattering his leg. Letting out a scream of pain. `Oh shit! You alright?? The barman rushes over to the man, and asks if he wants to call off the deal and go to hospital. The man refuses pulling his broken body off the curb and limps behind the bar. The barman sees that the bar is really busy so he goes in and takes orders. After five minutes he hears, the dog barking and growling, and the man yelling. Ten minutes later with the ruckus still going on behind the bar, another five minutes goes by and the man is still behind the bar. The noise suddenly stops and the man stumbles through the back door and crumples in a heap. Scratched, bleeding and bruised, the barman stands over him, the man sits up and says. `Right where?s this woman?s teeth??