Thomas L.

Dear Santa, All year long i have been a very good boy. I have been helping old ladies across the street, doing my alowance for free, even washing the dishes without being told. Which tells me you must have some pretty big ass balls to leave nothing under my fucking tree except a fucking yoyo and a shity ass piece of plastic toy car that broke after the second fucking day. You are a bigger ass hole than my dad. Next christmas I will be waiting for you next to the mother fucking chiminey. If I see your fat ass come into my mother fucking house I will pull out my fucking bb gun and shoot your ass back up there. Then I will cut your reindeers fucking throughts and pull rudolphs gay ass nose off with my bare fucking hands. Then you wont be able to get back to the north fucking pole and ill tie you up on to the mother fucking tree so every one can see you. Then ill shove my bb gun up your ass and keep shooting till you give me all your fucking toys in that fucking bag. So dont think about bringing your fat ass back to my house. ,Sincerly Bob P.S. Fuck You ass hole

funniness: 2.30

rating: R