Kim B.

One day, a pre-school teacher decided to play a game with her class. "Ok class, I have a great game to play with you, it's called the Jelly Bean Game." the entire class burst into cheers. "heres how we play. first i give you all a jelly bean, then you all try to guess what flaver it is. Ok, now we'll start with this one" She hands everyone a green jelly bean. it was apple flavor. "Anyone know what flavor it is?" A little girl named jenn's hand shot up "I know! its green apple!" "thats right! ok now for the next one." she handed them a blue one which was bluebarry, and this time timmy's hand went up "Is it bluebarry?" "thats right timmy." this time she was trying to fool with them, and she gave them a honny bean. a minute went by and no one knew, so she gave them a hint. "ok, you hear daddy calling mommy this around the house" Without even thinking, little johnny jumped up and yelled... "SPIT IT OUT!!! IT'S AN ASSHOLE!!!"