Demi E.

Three models decided to escape from their photoshoot one day near a farm. They automatically figure that the owner of the farm wouldn't be around, since they had reserved it for the shoot. While wandering around the farmer comes back and they all run off in various directions and hide. The farmer decided to check up on all of his barns, one by one. When he walks into the horse barn, where the brunette model decided to hide, the model crouches behind their tails and lets out a small "Nay!" as she tries to fit in. The farmer notices nothing. He walks into the cow barn, where the redhead is hiding, and immediately as she scrunches up near their rear ends she murmurs "Moooo". Again the farmer doesn't notice and the model is home free. The farmer walks into the potato shack, where the blonde model is hiding. Upon his entry she stoops down next to a barrel, grabs a couple of potatoes, holds them up and says "Potatooo!"