Jay88 M.

A 5 year old kid was listening to his dad talking to his boss when the kid heard his dad say ?Bitch that Bastard!? Eventually they left and on the way home the son asked ?Daddy What does Bitch and Bastard mean?? And the dad replied ?It means Girls and Boys son? Once they got home there mom started making dinner and she cut herself with a knife and said ?Fuck!? and the son was listening so later the son asked ?What does Fuck mean mommy? And his mom said ?Cutting son?. After that he went upstairs to his dads bathroom and saw him shaving he cut him self and said Shit and the son overheard and eventually asked him what Shit meant and the dad said ?Shaving cream son? Then the doorbell rang and the little kid answered it was a boy and a girl and they wanted his parents so he told them ?Hello Bitches and Bastards my Mom is in the kitchen fucking herself and my dads in his bathroom putting shit on his face?