Jeckel F.

A man sees an attractive woman in a bar and decides to try an pick her up. He starts buying her drinks which, in result, she becomes tipsy and agrees to go back to his place and shack up for the night. On the way to his house he tells her, " Now, I'm really good at sex, don't worry about that, but i like to do some kinky stuff too," "Thats ok, I've been trying to explore my sexuality more recently," She replies. When they arrive at the mans house, they proceed to make love for a full three hours. The sex was great, all the positions, great stamina, very passionate, and all that. As he was putting on his clothes the woman says to him, " That was great, I have no complaints, but i thought you wanted to do some kinky stuff too," The man cooly replies, " Oh, I already did that; I took a shit in your purse,"

funniness: 5.00

rating: R