howdy w.

two young men walk into a bar in quebec, arms around each other. they sit on the same bar stool still holding each other. the bar tender was taken aback for a few seconds, but asked what they would like. the one replied excuse us for the appearence, but we are twins fused at the hip, may we get two molson draft please? bar tender more at ease asked, have you lads been on holidy yet? the one on the right said no, but my name is john and this is my brother jim, and next week we go back to england for a month. we do it every year. we rent a car and just drive all over for the month. bartender said what as wonderful country, good food, long history, landscapes are beautiful, you must love it. john said no, the english are snobby, food is terrible. the bar tender asked why do you keep going there.. john replied, that's the only time jim gets to drive.