samuel t.

A mexican, a white man, and an asian were on a plain and the plain was falling down. The men knew what they had to do. Each man had to through somthing they didn't need any more.So the asian thru down a whole bag of qurters,the mexican thru down a gold ball,and the american thru a sword. When they crash landed the men survived and wondered off.While the asian was walking he saw a boy crying and asked him,"hay little white boy why you crying?"the little boy replied,"im crying because alot of gold coins fell from the sky and stabed my dogs hole body." While that happend the white man was walking and saw a little girl crying and asked her,"hay little girl why are you crying?" The little girl replied," a sword fell from the sky and stabed my cat's back. When the mexican was walking he saw a man laghing like hell.He went up to him and said,"Hay esse why you laghing like a joker holmes?"The man replied,"im laghing because i went in front of my house and farted in front of it and it exploded hahahahahahahaha"

funniness: 1.00

rating: PG