Amie S.

Three men were lost in the jungle, walking around aimlessly, when all of a sudden they came across a tribe of Canniballs. The 3 guys were immediately captured and when they begged for their freedom, the Cheif Canniball made them a proposal. "Each of you will go and find 10 peices of the same fruit and bring them back here to me. When you get back I will give you a task." So each of the men went off to find some fruit. The first man came back and he'd brought with him 10 banana's. "Now," said the Chief, " You will put each banana up your anus. If you can do this without making any noise, you will be set free. If not, we will eat you." So the man set about shoving the banana's up his ass. He got to the 3rd berry and it became a struggle, and he let out an almighty yelp. He was eaten. The second man came back and he had 10 blackberries. He was told to do the same thing, so he started. He got to the 7th berry and burst into fits of laughter. He was eaten. (Heaven) These two guys were up in Heaven and the 1st says to the second, "Mate, why did you laugh? You had it easy with those berries!" " I know," says the 2nd, " but I saw Billy walking down with pineapples!!!!"