Julia Z.

a redhead, a burrnet, and a blonde are caught murdering a friend. they are sentanced to death by gun. so the redhead is up for exicution first and the Warden says, "Ok i am going to say red, aim, fire. then the exicutioner is going to shot. so the warden says, "ready, aim..." then the redhead scream, HURICAINE! both exicutioner and warden turn around and the redhead runs off. Then the burnett is up for exicution next and the warden explains the rules. then he says, "ready, aim......" then the burnett says "TORNADO! both exicutionar and the warden turn around and the burnett runs off. Then the blonde is up next and the Warden goes the same thing and he says "ready, aim......" Then the blonde yells "FIRE! FIRE! *BANG*