xnux x.

I've been caught in a test with notes! 1. Written on my thigh in black ink so they just showed through my blue tights. I'd 'rolled' my skirt up and i got copped for both that and the notes. 2. On the inside of my watch. I couldn't see it and it was obvious when I started trying to look at it. 3. Grafited the desk. My worst enemy ended up sitting at my desk. She got 100%. 4. Learn morse code, and tell your friends to. We had a very old teacher who just happened to know morse code. 5. Just happen to leave notes on the floor under your desk. I was at the frount of the class and Miss saw. 6. On the inside of my blazer. I forgot and took my blazer off. Everyone else cheated. 7. Stick sticky-notes on people. I was sitting at the front of the class, everyone else saw and the teacher saw on the way out. She realised it was me as i didn't have one stuck to me! Please note, that if you cheat like this, who ever is watching you in the exam might have read them or heard them to!

funniness: 5.40

rating: PG